Heal from emotional eating habits & break free from self-sabotaging behaviors.

© Jerry Roxas

I am a health coach that helps women break free from emotional eating habits and self-sabotaging behaviors.

After dealing with bad eating habits myself for many years, and learning how to heal from my bad habits, I built a healthy relationship with food.

My passion for fitness took a different direction. I started my fitness career as a trainer for friends and family. I then started doing networking marketing for a supplement company where I was doing fitness challenges, and online coaching and I enjoyed it for the time being.

But I reached a point in my fitness career where that was no longer satisfying me because I knew that women needed to create long-term success, and not just a temporary one.

I decided to take a health coaching course through Ace Fitness, which exposed me to learn more about what was holding people down from achieving their goals and that was the need to change their habits.

Thereafter I found another course, that brought my passion to life. I took a course called TriggerMapping, this course taught me how to coach women to uncover their eating habits and build a healthy relationship with food.

Now, I coach women achieve goals they desire long-term.