Heal from emotional eating habits & break free from self-sabotaging behaviors.

Are you sabotaging your health journey?

Self-sabotaging behaviors are a coping mechanism. The fear of looking within us to see what is going on.

We use self-sabotaging behaviors as a coping mechanism in fear of addressing the void we have.

When you cave into sabotaging behavior, what you are doing is numbing what you actually desire. You are giving yourself temporary relief instead of working on addressing what is really going on internally.

Why do we self-sabotage ourselves? The fear to look at ourselves, and your limiting beliefs become a part of you because they give you the comfort you need without having to dig deeper into what the root cause is.


Signs that you are sabotaging yourself:

  • You are afraid of your feelings?
  • You are chasing goals before asking yourself Why these goals are so important to you?
  • If you feel like what you are doing is not making you feel motivated, inspire, or good internally, you are not doing what you want but what someone else told you to do.
  • You are treating your sabotaging behavior as the problem instead of addressing and overcoming it.


If these resonate with you, ask yourself what emotional need I am trying to fill by overeating.


When you start a new weight loss program, that program is only fix the problem from the surface. What you need to do, is to take the time to dissect your emotions and understand where that fear is coming from. You need to stop putting a band-aid on your unhealthy lifestyle and start addressing the real issue so you can live a long and healthy life without restriction.


Self-sabotaging comes from a negative association such as your limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, or incorrect storyline you have created in your mind.

When sabotaging yourself, it comes from an unknown feeling, why, because it’s painful to look within yourself and figure out what is hurting you.


In reality, when you sabotage yourself, you are not trying to hurt yourself – you are just trying to protect yourself. What you are doing is feeding a need, you don’t understand you have.


How does it look like to sabotage yourself:

  • You resist
  •  You tell yourself you can’t
  • You make excuses
  • Fear of failure
  • You make yourself look busy.


Here is how to start making small changes and start addressing these sabotaging behaviors:

  • Take it slow and allows yourself to get comfortable with the new changes
  •  Celebrate each day that you make progress.
  • Stay consistent
  • Healthy habits are built slowly. One thing at a time.
  • Change the circle you associate with.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself.


Addressing these behaviors are uncomfortable, but they are necessary in order to create a long-term healthy relationship with food.


Changing your circle is also very challenging –but when you work on building a new group of friends that support you and inspire you, it makes it so much easier for you to continue addressing your sabotaging behavior.


If you are someone that feels like you are constantly sabotaging yourself and you are ready to address your sabotaging behaviors check out my online program, Take your weight loss to next level by building a healthy relationship with food. My program takes you step by step on addressing you patterns and trigger to make the changes you desire long-term.

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