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Are you wasting your money on fitness challenges?

Fitness challenges are great for many people, or for weight loss for an event. But fitness challenges do not target the root of many peoples weight loss problem; which is eating habits and triggers.

Before you come at me let me explain.

I think fitness challenges are excellent and motivating, and they have great benefits.


As someone that has joined challenges, there are always pros and cons. I join challenges because they provide calculated macros, a workout plan, and new recipes all the guessing work is taken away.


Even as a health coach you sometimes, want someone else to tell you what to do.  Like when someone else cooks dinner for you, it always tastes better, am I right?


Why I think fitness challenges could be a waste of money for many people.  These programs are not one size fits all.  People that struggle with weight loss need more than fitness challenges.


For many years, I would get frustrated because I wasn’t getting the same results as everyone else; as an emotional eater, I would start off strong, but slowly lose motivation and hardly ever finished a challenge.


I am sure many of you can relate to me.


A few years ago, I realized that I needed to figure out the root of my eating habits.  Emotional eating is a thing, and many of us deal with it.  The only difference is, many don’t know what they are or what their triggers are.  That is why many people are unable to reach their desired goals.


In the last few years, I have spent learning more about my eating habits and triggers, and my mission is to help other women do the same.


My goals have changed, and I no longer chase a number on the scale, and that is a great feeling because I am no longer obsessed.


The pros and cons about paying for fitness challenges



  •  Plan made easy to follow and take the planning away from you.
  • New recipes
  • community
  • Customized macros/calories
  •  perfect for an event
  • Discouraging when not getting the same results as everyone else.
  • Not one size fits all
  • They are short term goals
  • No guidance on how to keep going after
  • Don’t identify eating habits

Fitness challenges are great for many people because they need the feeling of competition to get motivated, but not everyone is like that.  And I think that many people believe that the challenge will force them to stay on track and feel motivated!

It is great for the fitness industry because people keep repurchasing challenges in hopes to finish. Individuals always think that this time around will be different.   But what many are not realizing is that they are not targeting the root of their weight loss.

For all the ladies out there who are struggling, don’t give up.  It is not that you don’t have the willpower or that something is wrong with you.  You just haven’t figured out the root of your eating habits and your triggers.  We all have them, some more than others, but we all do.


When I discovered my eating habits and triggers, it was so liberating.  I no longer feel food controls me.  The fitness industry/ social media has placed in a box saying we have to look a certain way. 

I think we have always been chasing the wrong thing.  A number on the scale or size of jeans isn’t going to take us to a healthy older body.  We need to make healthier changes now for the longevity of our lives.

The same way we save money in our 401k for when we retire, we have to do the same with our bodies.

If you are tired of redoing challenges that you haven’t been able to finish, and you are ready to dig deep and do the difficult part of your weight loss journey, join me in discovering your eating habits and triggers.   Fill out an application for a free consultation and see if working together is the right fit.


    Create the long-term lifestyle changes you want and become a                                                       healthier YOU!

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