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Beginners guide to tracking macros

Learn how to track macros step by step.

If tracking macros is something you’ve wanted to try but don’t know where to begin, well, let me make it simple for you.


The first thing you will need to have is your calculated macro numbers check out my article where it gives you step-by-step how to calculate your macros.


Tracking macros at first can feel overwhelming and too much work, but just like anything new you try, it takes time to learn and get adjusted.  The more you do it, the easier it gets.


Before you start tracking macros, you need to know how to read nutrition labels. You will also need to purchase a food scale.   Any food scale will work you don’t need anything fancy.


The other thing you will need is an app to track your macros.  Some of the ones I have used are My fitness pal and Macro + apps.


The great thing about the apps is that they have an option to scan the barcode of the item you eat and make it so much easier to track your macros.  You can also enter macros manually.  The app will save all the items you’ve entered, so next time all you have to do is go to your list and select.


Once you enter your meals, make sure you check everything for accuracy.  You want to make sure you hit your macros daily.  You don’t want to go over more than 10 grams.


The difference when counting macros is that you will only track your total fat, carbs, and protein. You do not have to worry about hitting your calories. Just hit those 3 numbers everyday.  


Here is an example:  when tracking macros, you want to track everything in grams or ounces.

Learn how read a label and track macros

In this example, the serving size is 55 grams, you will weigh out the item, and for 55 grams, and your macros for these items are

8g fat, 37g carbs, 3g proteins

You want to weigh everything because 1 tbsp. of butter is different than one serving of butter in grams.  It is also very easy to go over if you just eyeball. 

Tracking macro is effective and also eye-opening.  Track one day of how you normally eat and you’ll see where you are underrating or overeating.

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