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Creamy Adobo Dressing Fish Tacos

The simplicity of these tacos doesn't take away the amazing taste.

You can never go wrong with tacos for dinner.  Am I right?  These fish tacos are so good it will be hard to just eat 1 serving.   I think that tacos is one of those recipes you can make with any protein you like.  I have also made this recipe with shrimp and they […]

French Toast

These french toast are light and delicious and will not disappoint even the picky eaters.

This delicious French Toast recipe is so delicious, easy to make, and macro-friendly. Enjoy these light and delicious French toast in the morning or for a fun brunch! Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean cutting everything you love out of your healthy eating. I love recreating my favorite meals to fit the healthy lifestyle I […]

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

This grilled chicken sandwich is perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.

When it comes to meals, I love and enjoy simplicity, especially for a busy week.  A sandwich is a perfect meal for any picky eater because you can add as much or as little as you want. Something I love doing when I make my grilled chicken sandwich is grilling extra chicken and making it […]

Butternut Squash Soup

As is begins to get cold outdoors a nice smooth butternut squash soup is so delicious.

  There’s nothing better than a cup of soup during these cold and cozy fall days, and this butternut squash soup is so easy and quick to make.  As I have mentioned before in previous recipes, I love to make meals with few ingredients and we can’t beat this one with only five ingredients. This […]

Green smoothie

If you are lacking on your veggie intake, well you can never go wrong with a green smoothie that is packed with all the green veggies you like.

When it comes to getting your vegetable in during the day, it can be difficult. But I find that the fast and easiest way to do so is by throwing a bunch of green veggies in a blender. I love trying different combinations of green veggies to change up the flavor. I’ve heard many people […]

Banana pancakes

Pancakes are so delicious but sometimes we need an alternative, and this banana pancakes are so delicious.

Banana pancakes will probably not replace your weekend pancakes, but with these simple and minimal ingredients, this recipe will not disappoint.  If you are someone that is looking for a lower carb pancake recipe will this is for you. If you want to make these pancakes with extra protein then you add a scoop of […]

High Protein Chia Pudding

Excellent meal for breakfast, and perfect for when you're on the g.

Disclaimer:  This post contains an affiliate link.  This means that if you purchase any products from this link, I earn a commission. This is at no extra cost to you.  You can read my full disclosure.   When it comes to meals, I enjoy simple, quick, and not too many ingredients. I love this recipe […]

High protein tuna chickpea salad

Fresh and easy tuna chickpea salad.

The simplicity of this salad does not lack any flavors. I love a good fresh and easy salad, especially with high protein.  Salads are a great way to get in all your vegetables in just one meal. You can all so many different kinds of vegetables and add color to your meal.     Meal […]

Nutty oats protein shake

Perfect shake for breakfast or snack. This shake is macro friendly and adjustable to fit your dietary needs.

Protein shakes may not always be so delicious or can get boring and tasteless when you have them every day. I incorporate a shake into my meals daily to make sure I meet my macro count. This protein shake recipe is so good I crave it. You can adjust your recipe to fit your macros. […]

Macro friendly BLT

What can I say this sandwich speaks for itself. The crispy bacon, the crunchy lettuce, and those fresh tomatoes, its to die for. I love a good sandwich, and this is perfect on any day.

I love providing easy and simple meal ideas. If you are like me and you don’t like when there are too many ingredients in a recipe, well, this recipe is for you. I go for the ones with few ingredients and things you already have at home. The simplicity of this BLT sandwich doesn’t lack […]