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Ditch the weight loss mentality

Throughout the years, we have been preconditioned to believe that dieting is the only way to lose weight. It’s time you ditch the weight loss mentality and begin to change the relationship you have with food.

Trust me, I understand. Because I thought that restricting myself was the only way I could lose weight, and if I didn’t lose weight, I wasn’t happy.  I have to say – it did take a long time for me to ditch the weight loss mentality.

We keep chasing a size or a number on the scale, but in reality, when we reach that number or size, we still aren’t happy.

Many women live their lives dieting and restricting themselves.  I think NOW is the time to change that.

But what if I told you that you could enjoy the food you love and still lose weight.  And on top of that have a healthy relationship with food.   Living a balanced and healthy relationship with food is something that I desired to achieve, but reaching that goal was difficult because I didn’t know-how.

After so much trial and error, I can finally say I now have a good relationship with food.


  • Image if you no longer feel the need to diet


  • And you were able to let go of the fear


  • You didn’t let food Control you anymore


  • And you realized that food isn’t the enemy


Image if you could go out to eat with your family or friend and not feel guilty because you have control of what you enjoy and what you choose not to indulge in, WHY because you clearly understand what serves you and what doesn’t serve you anymore.


I’m sure you’ve heard many people say that you should eat in moderation, right!  And that is so true – being able to enjoy meals you like, or a desert, or some drinks on the weekend with your friends.  Well, let me tell you that you can.  Just like everything else in life, you make that choice.


Weight loss is changing, and people are realizing that challenges, meal plans, and workout plans are like temporary bandaids.   Why, because, all these are not leading you to succeed.  I see this like bumper cars – you stay within the bumpers while you are on the challenge or meal plan but the moment you are done – the emotional eating habits return, and all the triggers hit you again.


So what happens, you begin to fall off the wagon, and you end up with the pound creeping back up.  Trust me, I know, I was there so many times.

So hear me out, what many coaches are not doing is helping you change your eating habits.  It’s not that you don’t have willpower, or you lack motivation, the problem is you just haven’t been given the right tools.

Heal from emotional eating behaviors and build healthy habits – and achieve the goals you desire.


Changing my eating habits has been the best thing I have done in my life, and so can you.

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Benny Gallo

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Benny Gallo

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