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Fitness goals are an essential part of your journey

Goals help you focus and help you see the next steps you will take.

Just like in life, you need goals to have a direction.  Your weight loss is no different.   You have to have goals with a plan of execution for success.

Your goals provide you with a roadmap for your weight loss journey.  If you need help setting your goals, here is an article that helps your Set up SMART goals for a successful weight loss.

Goals help you focus and see the next steps you will take.

Many could say this is too much work all, you need is to work out and eat healthy, true.  When you struggle to stay on track, and you’ve started over and over, you should consider doing this extra step before you start your next weight loss journey. This could be what makes a difference.
This part of the journey can also be difficult for many because it involves change, and change is difficult.  Change is scary, but don’t let it be.  Change is good because with change come great things.
Having your goals broken up into steps helps make them more manageable and attainable.

The goal is to succeed and do something you haven’t done before.


Your roadmap should contain: 

• Your Why
• Workout program
• Meal plan
• Plan if you fall off track

Reasons why goals could help you succeed:

• Power to motivate you
• Provides clarity to see the direction you are going
• Clear goals help reduce the risk of relapse
• Help you overcome obstacles

Ask yourself these questions as part of your plan?

1. What are your short-term goals (less than six months)?
2. What are your long-term goals (over six months)?
3. What could hinder your fitness program? (e.g., work schedule, kids, commutes)
4. What motivates you?
5. How will you integrate exercise into your life?
Asking yourself these questions, help you dig deep into why you want to achieve your goals.
Don’t be hard on yourself if you get off track.  Never feel like you are starting over pick up where you left off.  Go over your plans, your goals, and remind yourself why you started.

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  1. Excellent on point post. Stay the course as you set goals. Get back on track when you have a set back. Most importantly as difficult as change can be, remember it begins with a decision to do it. Accountability definitely helps. Thank you for sharing.

    Pastor Natalie

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