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Helping women build a healthy relationship with food by identifying emotional eating habits & triggers to create long-term lifestyle changes.

Benny Gallo

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If you are lacking on your veggie intake, well you can never go wrong with a green smoothie that is packed with all the green veggies you like.

Green smoothie

When it comes to getting your vegetable in during the day, it can be difficult. But I find that the fast and easiest way to do so is by throwing

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Pancakes are so delicious but sometimes we need an alternative, and this banana pancakes are so delicious.

Banana pancakes

Banana pancakes will probably not replace your weekend pancakes, but with these simple and minimal ingredients, this recipe will not disappoint.  If you are someone that is looking for a

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Excellent meal for breakfast, and perfect for when you're on the g.

High Protein Chia Pudding

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Coaching services

Add to cart Coaching program Break free from binge eating habits and self-sabotaging behaviors  Includes: 1-1 coaching:  biweekly call, access to me via email, and text messages- on emergency basis.

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