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Get back on track after Thanksgiving

You can enjoy the holidays meals and not feel guilty. Here are few simple tips you can do to get back on track and not slow down your progress.

You don’t have to wait until January to get back on track!


If you indulged over Thanksgiving, don’t feel guilty.  Everyone wants to enjoy the holiday cookies, pies, and drinks, but  you don’t have to put your healthy lifestyle on hold.

The best way to avoid feeling like you are starting all over at the beginning of the year- here are a few tips on how you can balance the holidays without feeling guilty by indulging.


5  tips to get yourself back on track:


Leave behind the guilt – nothing good comes from beating yourself up.

One day is not going to ruin your progress.  What slows down your progress is what you do afterward.  So leave behind the guilt, and instead of having all or nothing mentality, give yourself grace.

We are all human and, there will always be gathering and food around us.  You have to learn to eat in moderation and jump right, back to your normal schedule and routine.


Get back to your scheduled meals.

After the holidays, getting back to your normal, meals will be, so important. It is so easy to turn one day of indulging into a whole week or even a month.

Getting back to your normal schedule immediately after will help you get back on track, release the bloating, and feel like yourself again.

Create a balance between holiday eating and your healthy lifestyle. 


Avoid eating the leftovers.

Leftovers are something you want to avoid.  Holiday should be enjoyed, in moderation.  Avoid holiday weight gain, you want to avoid eating very high calories, high fat, and high carb meals for many consecutive days.

The reason people struggle with weight gain during the holiday is that many continue the goodies after the holidays and through January.


Get your workouts in.

You want to stay active throughout the holidays, even if you take 30- minute walks.

Working out will make you feel more energized, and if you make one good choice, you automatically make better ones throughout the day.


Drink a lot of water.

If you keep yourself hydrated, it will help you eat less. Sometimes you eat due to dehydration.

Drinking plenty of water will help you flush out your body and release toxins.

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