Heal from emotional eating habits & break free from self-sabotaging behaviors.

Heal from emotional eating habits – FREE Masterclass

5 phases to healing from emotional eating habits

I am so excited to be giving a FREE LIVE MASTERCLASS on January 26th at 5 pm PST.

I will be sharing my experience on how I overcame my emotional eating habit and how I achieve a long term healthy relationship with food. Over the years, I suffered with eating disorders, bad habits, and tried every diet there is.  After finding what works for me and being a heal from my emotional eating and breaking free from my self sabotaging behaviors, I knew I had to help other women achieve the same.


Here is what the MASTERCLASS will cover:

  • The 5 phases to healing from emotional eating
  • 3 mistakes that are keeping you stuck from achieving your desired goals
  • How healing can look for you


Is this MASTERCLASS for you:

  • Are you someone that has tried everything to lose weight and you haven’t achieve the goals you desired
  • If you think your problem is lack of motivation- let me tell you it’s not.
  • Are open and ready to commit to doing the internal work to heal from the inside out  and are ready to leave behind your BINGE EATING DAYS.

Who is this MASTERCLASS not for:

  • Someone looking for a quick fix
  • Someone who wouldn’t be open to a new way of achieving their desired goals


I hope to see many of your there.  I am excited to share my story with you guys and hope to hear from your too!


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Benny Gallo

Health & Wellness Coach

I help busy working moms go from emotional eating to healthy relationship with food without restriction so they can achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Benny Gallo

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