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How to change your mindset around food?

Changing your mindset around food means when you look at nutrition in a different way.

If you are ready to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level, well, then it’s time you start changing your mindset around food. When you change your mindset around food, you become more aware, and when you eat and snack, you are more mindful.

You must be wondering, what does that even mean, and how can that help me achieve my goals?


What does changing your mindset around food mean?

Changing your mindset around food means when you look at nutrition in a different way. When you begin to see food as nourishment for your body and long-term commitment, you begin to treat your body better. Looking at your goals as a healthy lifestyle instead of short-term goals, you will begin building a healthier relationship with food.


How can changing your mindset around food help you achieve your goals?

When you become aware of the food choices you are making, it becomes easier. You begin to realize that food is there to fuel you, and when you are not restricting yourself, you don’t feel deprived.


When you change your mindset, you begin to create healthy habits.

The moment you transform your habits, you begin creating a long-term healthy relationship with food. Changing your mind around food would be your first step. Why, because, you have to start looking at food with a different set of eyes.

Changing your mindset around food not only does it helps create healthy habits that will carry you long-term but will make you feel better internally and externally.


Here are 4, simple ways to start changing your mindset around food


Identify your WHY?

I’m sure you are thinking, I am so tired of hearing this. But let me tell you, your WHY is the most powerful thing you can have. When you don’t attach a WHY to your goal to a task or life-changing event, it will be hard for you to stick to your plan. You have to be able to ask yourself every day WHY are you doing what you are doing. Having a strong enough reason will prevent you from making excuses.


Stop the diet mentality.

The moment you let go of the dieting mindset, you can feel freely. When you constantly put yourself in a box of so many restrictions, your instinct is to feel so much guilt when you slip up. Drop the guilty feeling when it comes to food.

Nourish your body with a carb, fat, protein, and fiber. We have to remember that food is food, and what makes us gain weight is not the food but the quantity we eat. I’m sure you’ve heard calories in vs. calories out plenty of times. Eat at a deficit and workout and will still see results.

Identify your eating patterns.

Knowing what your eating patterns are; will shine a light on why you haven’t achieved the goals you desire. Making a connection with the food you eat and the reason why will help you see why you choose the food you choose. Which then helps you stop feeding into the emotional eating patterns and changes your mindset around food.


Take it slow

When changing your mindset around food, you want to take it slow and one day at a time. You don’t want to make drastic changes or expect changes to happen overnight. Be patient and analyze your patterns. Also, change your meals to one meal at a time. For example, if you are someone that stops by Starbucks everyone morning, try making your coffee and breakfast at home. Small steps add up to big ones.

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