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How to eat healthy on a budget

Eating healthy on a budget doesn't have to be so difficult. Here are my top 6 tips on staying on budget and still getting all your fruits and beggies.

Eating healthy on a budget is not that difficult.  You have to prioritize what you want long-term. 

I hear many times that eating healthy is much more expensive than eating fast food, and in retrospect, yes, that may be true. But if you look at what can be more expensive, long-term buying groceries is much cheaper than medical bills.

When you look at how much it would cost to pay for medication long-term, buying healthier groceries will always be cheaper.

I know that sometimes-buying fast food might be cheaper than picking up dinner. But when buys a meal to make, you can spend about the same amount and get more. You can have leftovers and pack them for lunch the next day, so stopping by a drive-thru is easier but not always cheaper.

There are so many ways to eat healthier and keep costs low. I enjoy cooking, but something I dislike making meals with tons of ingredients. I try and save as much money as I can when it comes to eating healthy and grocery shopping.

When recreating meals, I make sure they fit my budget, and I can make them in 30 minutes.


Quick tips on eating healthy on a budget: 


Buy only fruits and veggies that are on season

When trying to keep cost down, you always want to buy fruits and veggies that are in season. They are always less expensive than the ones that are out of season. Also, look at grocery ads; they will have cheaper produce on certain days. Perfect time to pick up what you’ll need to meal prep or freeze for future use.


Buy canned or frozen

Buying can fruits and veggies is a great way to keep your cost low and still get the necessary amounts of fruits and veggies in your diet.  These are cheap to buy and will have a long shelf life.


Plan your meals

Planning your meal will help you stay on budget. It prevents you from overbuying things you already have at home. Plan meals with items you already have at home, so that you are not constantly buying so many ingredients.


Buy store brand items

Purchase store brand items, they are a lot cheaper, and sometimes you get more for the price. When you buy a name brand, you pay more for the brand name, so always go for off-brands or store brands. They are also much cheaper, and the quality is just as great.


Cut coupons or use discount store cards

Never underestimate cutting coupons or using a discount card from grocery stores. They help save some money, especially when you buy store-brand items. You can get amazing deals when using a store discount card. Checking their weekly sales are always a great way to stock on things that you might need throughout the month.


Cook meals in large quantities

There are many ways to buy in bulk and make meals and freeze. I love making meals that will last a few days, like chili, pot roast, or baking chicken thighs.  I use glass containers to store in my fridge.

Try to stick to basics, you don’t have to get fancy with recipes or cook meals with tons of ingredients. You can keep things basic and simple for yourself and still eat amazing and delicious meals. Check out the recipes I make that are quick and easy. I love to create simple and minimal ingredient meals because who has time to cook all day.

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