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How to get into working out after not working out for a while

I’m excited to have a guest this week on my blog. I have invited Ruet Shaviro to share with us her guidance on fitness. She has written on How to get back into working out after not working out for a while.

Ruet is someone with many talents. Reut is a singer, a music producer, a make-up artist, and has a passion for fitness.  You can find more of Ruet blogs on her website and her instagram 

During the Corona period, we found ourselves a lot at home following the closures and following the restrictions that applied to the country.

But this situation can cause us to change for the better for a healthy lifestyle. If you are still undecided to make the decision to start a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, then this post is for you.

You started a healthy lifestyle and stopped because you decided to take a break. This break you have decided to take is not good for your body. The break causes a rapid gradual decline in your physical fitness.

The second reason not to stop doing sports is to reduce muscle mass. All the reasons that cause a break from fitness should take into account these things. So with you thinking of stopping practicing to take into account the results that will lie following this wrong decision. Therefore it is better to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and fitness training and rest days in between.

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