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Love who you see in the mirror

Our weight is never the reason why we are unhappy or sometimes hate the reflection we see in the mirror. We are unhappy because we have never healed from what is holding us back.

Our weight is never the reason why we are unhappy or sometimes hate the reflection we see in the mirror.  We are unhappy  because we have never healed from what is holding us back.  We have looked at our weight loss from the wrong angle.

Everyone has always worked so hard to make their exterior look so good, but we have forgotten to do the internal work. I am not saying that wanting a certain physique is wrong. I think we all want to look good and feel good, but sometimes what we feel doesn’t match what we see in the mirror.

When you start working on your internal side of your weight loss journey, you begin to LOVE who you see in the MIRROR.  And, I think that it is so important.  I believe that when you love yourself completely you begin to be happy with who you are and who you are and with the reflection that is looking back at you.

With that being said, I think it’s time we heal and make the best version of ourselves.  The healing starts working internally and you will see the result external as well. 


Reasons why you use food to soothe your pain:

• You carry pain from past trauma, which can be as far as your childhood.
• You learned your bad eating habits from your parents.
• You have to heal from the pain from stressful eating or binge eating episodes.

For example: When you were sad, cried, had a bad day, or even celebrate a good event; parents would reward you with ice cream or chocolate. I am not blaming our parents, they just didn’t know any better.

We grow up doing the same in our lives and now even doing the same to our children.


These are some common triggers that cause people to self-soothe with food.  Here are a few that may resonate with you:

• Not feeling good enough
• Self-judgment
• Fear of rejection
• Anxiety in social situations
• Uncomfortable in your physical body
• Frustration with self lack of motivation
• Guilt and shame around “bad choices”
• Anxious or flustered with you slow down
• Struggle with internal validation

When you begin recognized your patterns and triggers your awareness gives you the ability to make better choices.  Choices that serve your goals.  The moment you begin to feel better internally, you start loving the person you see in the mirror.


When you begin to release the limiting beliefs you’ve had about dieting, you begin to build a healthy relationship with food:

• Feel better internally and externally
• You love what you see in the mirror
• Gain control of your food intake
• Enjoy family gatherings without the guilt
• Holidays are not stressful anymore

If you want to feel good and look good. I have a 12-week program that helps you transform from the inside out. Fill out the free ASSESSMENT form to see if this program is right for you.

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