Heal from emotional eating habits & break free from self-sabotaging behaviors.


What did you like most about my coaching program?

Benny has a passion for coaching. She wholeheartedly believes in bringing a person out of their shell, giving them grace, empathy, and pushing them to do the hard work. She makes you witness to all the positive changes you make along the way. She understands women have a lot on their plates, but can tailor a workout to fit your needs. She helped me recognize my food habits based on moods and emotions. I honestly feel like a new person with a new outlook on life, health, and fitness.


What would you tell someone who is considering investing in Benny’s Health Fitness, Transform from the inside out?

It’s worth everything. Being coached by Benny was the best decision I ever made for myself. She laughed with me, she allowed me to vent, she pushed me emotional and physically. I needed someone to hold me accountable for food and thought habits. Once she helped me realize food and behavior I was able to have a breakthrough and feel so empowered. She is constantly on my shoulder encouraging me to be the best me. She truly believes in me.

Sara M.


Benny Gallo

Health & Wellness Coach

I help busy working moms go from emotional eating to healthy relationship with food without restriction so they can achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Benny Gallo

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