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Top 3 Signs Your Metabolism Is Running Slow

You want to make sure you metabolism is not working against you. Easy step to make these changes and become a fat burning machine.

Are you stuck and unable to burn body fat anymore? I know and understand the frustration. You feel you are doing everything right, yet not getting the results you want.  Here is what could be going on with your METABOLISM.

There are several signs that may indicate you have a slow metabolism:

Dieting for too long

If have been dieting for too long your body is holding onto the body fat you have, even if you are working out 6 days a week and doing 1 hour cardio sessions.

After so much dieting and low-calorie restriction, your metabolism starts slowing down and no matter how much you work out or how little you eat you won’t get the results you are looking for.

Focusing on cardio versus strength training

Cardio is great for your cardiovascular but when it comes to speeding up your metabolism or burn more body fat you want to focus on building muscle.  Building muscle will help you burn 3 times more body fat than cardio.

Your weight is not budging

This one is one of the effects of slow metabolism that will make people spiral.  You are doing all the right things, working out, eating healthy meals, yet not getting the results you want.

Here are the two things, I would implement immediately to start speeding up your metabolism:

Increase your calories.

If you have been eating the same number of low calories for a long time, you need to increase them. You want to add more food slowly 50 to 100 calories per week.

I know that for many it sounds daunting, but trust me you begin to feel better, more energized, stronger because you have the energy to sustain your workouts, and you are eating so much more, your body will begin to speed up your metabolism and your body fat will begin to melt off so much easier.

Focus on Strength Training   

You have to change the way you work out.  Focus on strengthen training at least 3 times a week.

When you start building muscle in order to replace body fat with muscle which will change your body composition.

This would be a different approach so remember you may not see the scale move because when you build muscle it will weighs more than fat. The best way to measure your progress would be by taking pictures or testing your body fat percentage.


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