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Top 5 tips to stay on track while traveling

Staying on track while traveling is feasible. You just have to plan and prep before you go.

Traveling is an exciting time, but it doesn’t mean you have to blow off all the hard work you have put in. Having the right mindset and commitment, staying on track while traveling is feasible.


You don’t have to be strict and  you should enjoy a treat or a glass of wine. It is all about staying focused and creating a balance.


I love traveling and enjoy trying the local food and treats. But one thing I didn’t like was how I felt after. Now, I keep myself on track by eating healthy most of my meals, incorporating lots of protein, staying hydrated, and walking to nearby sightseeing locations.


Here are my top 5 tips for staying on track while traveling:



Traveling can take a toll on your body and skin, and staying hydrated is so important. Staying hydrated will also help you from overeating.


Stay active

Stay active even when you are traveling. Your routine might change, but if you make it a priority to stay active, you will feel better and motivated to stay on track.

Also, if you have never noticed when you are on vacation, some people end up losing weight because they are not so focused on what they are eating they are busy sightseeing and very active.  Pack a set of bands and do a quick workout  in your hotel room. It is all about being prepared.


Don’t overindulge

Many people see a vacation as a free for all, and it is not that way. Staying mindful and enjoying the food, but not seeing it as your last meal. Have the meal, skip the dessert, have the dessert, enjoy a clean healthy meal option.  It’s all  about balance.

Don’t deprive yourself, by doing, so you will only end up binge eating. So pick and choose what you decide to splurge on.


Pack healthy snacks while traveling

Avoid the snacks on the plane. Packing your own snacks, having water with you, and buying a clean meal option to eat will help you avoid grabbing whatever is available because you are hungry.  Being prepared will make it so much easier to stay on track and mindful of your goals.


Get some sleep

Try to sleep during your flight especially if you are traveling outside of your time zone.  Getting a good amount of sleep will help you from overeating. When we are tired, we tend to eat more refined carbs and higher-fat foods.


Most importantly, enjoy your vacation. You don’t have to be strict, indulge a little, and stay active.   Vacations are to be relaxed and enjoyed!

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