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Transforming from the inside out

Transforming from the inside out has been incredible for my life. It took years of trial and error but I am finally in a happy place.

I know how difficult it can be to start a weight loss journey and not have someone that supports you or at least feel like they aren’t supporting you.  Especially when you have kids, and there are snacks all over the house, or your partner brings the goodies home and loves to eat out.


Who can relate? 

It is unrealistic to expect the whole family to avoid all the snacks and eating out when you are trying to eat clean and shed some pounds.   If you were living alone then this would be possible.

I always felt like I was always in a tug a war with my healthy lifestyle because the moment food was around me, I would cave and overindulged.

After many years of having a bad relationship with food, I learned to live a more balanced life.  Here is how I changed my life, my mindset, and my eating habits.

Transforming over the years:

  • Learning about “if it fits your macros” taught me more than just tracking.  It helped me learn to enjoy the food I love with moderation.  After tracking and enjoying food that I would never eat before was life-changing.  I was someone that never ate bread, rice, or snack of any kind.  Seeing results pretty quickly, I realized I was harming my body more by restricting myself than doing any good to it.


I know tracking macros is not for everyone, and I am not saying that is what you should do this is what worked for me and helped me change my mindset.

Counting macros can take a toll on your life because you are constantly tracking everything you eat.  I think tracking is perfect at the beginning of your journey to see how much you eat and learn to eyeball your food and eventually eat institutively.

  • The second step to my journey was learning about my eating habits.  I always knew I had bad habits since I was young because I was diagnosed with Anorexia in my teens, so my bad habits came from the early years of my life.  Learning where my eating habits came from was the piece I needed.  I had to have a BIG WHY, the reason why I want to accomplish my goals.  Then it was doing the hard work. I knew I had to identify my habits and triggers to make long-term changes.

Working on my habits gave me the ability to not feel restricted anymore. Having food around the house no longer affects me.  My goals are my priority, and living a healthy lifestyle is much more important.  Food doesn’t control me, and it is the best feeling. I enjoy food that I love now in moderation.

Having control of your life is so powerful, and you can do the same.  If you are ready and want to do the same, click here for a free consultation.


                                      Change your life, change your mindset, and live a happier healthy life!

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Benny Gallo

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Benny Gallo

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