Heal from emotional eating habits & break free from self-sabotaging behaviors.

Which eating habit are you?

Identify which eating habit you are to start figuring out what triggers you, so that you can make a plan.

Here are the four types of eating behaviors.  Learning about your eating is so important to make long-term lifestyle changes.  Everyone is different and has different needs when it comes to a weight-loss journey or habit changes. 


When it comes to weight loss, many find it difficult because everyone’s needs are different.


The first part about identifying your eating habits is the connection you have with food.  The second part is figuring out what triggers you.   The third is making a plan to overcome them and not letting them control your life.


Are you someone that always feels the NEED TO PLEASE OTHERS?

  • You are always worried about what other people think
  • Scared to let others down and adjust to meet their life and their needs
  • Don’t want to lose the people around you
  • Don’t want to feel rejected
  • You find it hard to love yourself and be compassionate, so you look for others to validate you


Connection to food


  • You tend to be use food as a form of validation and often doing in a private setting
  • You conform yourself to fit into the box you feel you need to fit into



  • Feel the need to eat a certain way to be accepted by your social group
  • You don’t like to draw attention to yourself
  • Consider yourself the fun ones- the let loose and eat whatever you want to keep up with friends
  • Fear of being judged such as being rude, not fun, or self-centered because you are on a diet
  • Don’t want to make others feel uncomfortable because of the healthy choices you are making
  • Don’t want to draw attention to your physical appearance


Connection to food


  • Food is your gateway to create artificial connection in a public setting
  • Use social connection to abandon your healthy goals



Do you love the STRUCTURE?


  • Believe that you need be strict in order to reach your goals
  • Shame yourself for lack of power
  • All or nothing mentally – good vs. bad labels
  • Always seeking an answer outside yourself to fix your problem
  • Feel that all you need to is for someone to hold you accountable because you already know what you need to do
  • Don’t trust yourself around food, so you avoid it completely


Connection to food


  • Strict for 1 to 2 weeks then splurge
  • If you see progress you tend to reward yourself with food
  • Cheat meals become cheat days



Where are my BUSY BODIES?


  • Have high expectations of yourself and high achievers
  • Craves control but also perfection
  • Always thinking 3 steps ahead of where you’re at
  • Justify your eating behaviors with “I should be able to”, “it was a special occasion”, “ I deserve this”, or I earned it”.


Connection to food


  • Unconscious eating – binging at night, grab handfuls of random food without realizing it.
  • You forget to eat during the day.




Have you been trying to get healthy and lose weight but are unable to succeed.  The reason being is that you are not targeting your eating habit.  You may lose weight but risk reverting to your eating habits if you never identified where they came from.


When you figure out the problem and triggers, you can build healthier habits and begin to reach goals you never thought you could.


I am still a work in progress, but I have to say, figuring out what my eating habits are has been life-changing.  I’m happier and no longer feel guilty for enjoying food or splurging. Food no longer controls me!


Your mindset will begin to change; you will have more clarity and a better understanding of your behaviors.  You will set yourself free to love yourself more and have control.


If you are ready to learn more about your eating habits and make long-term lifestyle changes, I would love to help you achieve your goals.


Click here to get a free consultation.



                                                             It’s time to dig deep and find your true happiness!

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  1. This is a fantastic post and really makes you think about your relationship with food and how to address bad habits. Thanks for sharing!

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