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Why can’t you stick to your weight loss program?

Many struggle to stick to their weight loss program, and people think that its because they have no will power or have no motivation. But let me know tell it is neither one of them.

Have you ever asked yourself, why can’t you stick to your weight loss program?

When it comes to losing weight, there are many reasons why you are having a hard time sticking to your weight loss program.

Many will say they lack motivation, they are lazy, or don’t have time. And the reality is that none of these reasons are true. Let me tell you why? These reasons you might give yourself are reasons that are covering up for what you emotionally have not addressed.

Motivation, laziness, and I don’t have time are excuses you tell yourself and not because you want to – you truly believe you don’t have the time or you lack motivation. The issue is that you don’t recognize that you have issues you haven’t dealt with and get triggered and don’t know it.


Here are the four reasons you are struggling to stick to your weight loss program:



When you restrict yourself, you are going to crave food a lot more than when you just allow yourself to enjoy it in moderation and when you want to.
Depriving yourself is not going to get you anywhere. The only thing this will do for you is prevent you from achieving your goals. This is what causes many people to binge.



You eat your emotions instead of dealing with what has triggered you. When you feel stress, anger, sadness, or depression, you will try to fill those emotions with food instead of dissecting them.
Addressing your emotions can be very difficult, and many avoid it, but when you address them, you understand what causes you to eat when you feel a certain way.



Your own insecurity is preventing you from making yourself a priority. You are afraid of judgment, of fear, of feeling like you will be the center of the conversation. Being in this situation will cause a triggering moment for some, and will avoid it.


Unaddressed trauma

When you don’t deal with the root cause of your issue, many will use food as a coping mechanism.  Many people carry trauma from childhood and not  realize it. When you start addressing the emotional eating patterns, you begin to understand why you struggle to stick to your weight loss program.


If you are ready to make these changes and have no idea where to begin check out my online course.  I guide you through each phase and will have access to a private FB group. If you prefer to work with me 1-1 complete a free assessment and we can discuss the program over a call.


Both programs will guide you, through identifying your eating patterns, triggers, releasing your guilt around food, changing your mindset, tool reinforcement, nutrition, and fitness.

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