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Why fitness planners are so important for your fitness goals?

Fitness planners are the blueprints to your weight-loss.

Many might say, who uses fitness planners, right?

Well, I think fitness planners are so important for a fitness journey, no matter what type of fitness journey you are on.

When you write down your goals, not only are you visualizing them but also writing them down for you to see. The planner gives you the ability to brainstorm better and they remind you about your goals and commitments.

A fitness journey needs to be looked at like any other project you would be working on. You have to draw the blueprints, gather up all the material, and execute the plan, right. A fitness journey is no different. You want to be successful. You must then make a plan, you can’t just wing it and hope it works!

I struggled with my weight for many years and did whatever diet was popular on the market. But even though the diets were unhealthy, and damaging my body, I still had a plan.

Now, that I have left behind my unhealthy diets, I plan my meals, I plan my workouts, and I plan my cheat meals, you must have a plan.
I created my fitness planners because I couldn’t find one that had everything I needed.

In early 2018, I struggled, with hormonal imbalance, a double knee injury, and a lot of stress. I put on 20 lbs. which felt like overnight. Fitness has always been part of my life since I was a young girl, so quitting has never been an option.

I felt lost on how to begin my fitness journey. Even though fitness was something that has been part of my whole life. I couldn’t start from where I left off. My strength was not where it use to be, I was 20 lbs heavier, and I was dealing with hormone issues, so I had to be careful.

I started reaching how to fix my hormones the healthy way without medications, and that is where my planners were born. I needed to analyze where I was starting, write down my WHY, and I needed a plan.

My fitness planner includes everything. You document where you’re starting, how it is going, and where you are struggling. I also wanted to dig into eating behaviors. Part of a fitness journey is understanding what your eating patterns are so that you can change them. We have to change the interior first before we can change the exterior.

Plan your workouts!

You cannot go to the gym without a plan, if you are trying to achieve your goals a workout routine must be laid out.

Plan your meals!

The most important part of your fitness journey is your meal plan. 80% of your fitness success will come from your meals. My planner comes with a section for you to plan your meals.

This becomes your blueprint for your fitness journey. The best part is being able to look back and see how far you’ve come. Look over the mistakes you did and where you were at that time of your life.

I believe planners are such a vital part of a successful journey, for work, day-to-day, and fitness.

Here is short video showing how to use my planner and what it comes with.  The link to purchase is below. 

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