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Why food is not the enemy?

Food has been given such a bad rep with so many diet cultures. Food is the not enemy, it is the amount of food we eat.

The food we eat is not the enemy it’s how much we eat of it. Our body doesn’t know from good food to bad food.


Diet culture has given food such a bad rep; from eating low fat, low carb, or high protein. These are all diets that have never been sustainable.


We have always heard that restricting ourselves from what we love is the way to reach our goals. When in reality is the worse thing we have done to ourselves and continue to do.


The one thing I love about the fitness culture right now is hearing how many people want to build a healthier relationship with food. They no longer want quick fixes people want long-term solutions.


It has made so many people afraid of food. But food is amazing, food is what tells a story about our culture, and food is what makes families and friends get together. It’s time we leave behind the thought of food being the enemy.


Many feel overwhelmed by thinking that restriction is the only way to reach their goals. Food is meant to nourish our bodies and fuel us. When you restrict yourself, you are setting yourself to fail. A life of restriction is not a realistic one.


More women are wanting to build a healthy relationship with food instead of worrying about what the scale says!


Building a healthy relationship with food is difficult. Why because the one thing people have to let go of are the words dieting and meal plans?  This is very hard for individuals because it has been ingrained in our minds that dieting is the best way.


We have to work on changing our mindset around food. We have to let go of our fears and learn to understand that food is not what is keeping us from achieving our goals.


Food is there to fuel us and to be enjoyed. If you overeat, of course, you will not see the progress you want, but when you stop depriving yourself, you won’t have to binge on the food you love because you are enjoying it when you want.


Here are some tips on how you can start building a healthy relationship with food:


1. Plan your meals – you want to eat 5 to 6 meals a day to keep yourself from having to binge the next time you eat. Build your meals with the main macronutrients, healthy fats, carbs, and enough protein.


2. Meal prep – being prepared is so vital. Having meals and snacks prepared or on hand will prevent you from having to pick up fast food on your way home or overeat snacks.


3. Enjoy the food you love- incorporating food you love, and desserts you enjoy. You want to incorporate these foods so that you don’t feel deprived. The less you deprive yourself and enjoy food in moderation, the less you will feel the need to overeat them.


By incorporating these tips into your routine, you start eating less of foods that do not serve your goals, because you are no longer restricting yourself; you choose to not have them. When you have the power to make those choices, you become more in control of what you eat.

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